Camptech Buckingham DL 3m Luxury Seasonal Caravan Awning
Camptech Buckingham DL 3m Luxury Seasonal Caravan Awning

Camptech Buckingham DL 3m Luxury Seasonal Caravan Awning

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Awning Type
Seasonal Caravan Awning (300cm Deep)
Awning Frame Type
25mm GripLoc Steel Frame
Awning Colour
Anthracite / Grey
Awning Depth
Awning Weight
55kg approx (Size 14)
Fabric Material
ClimaTech SR21 All Season
Awning Material
ClimaTech SR21 All Season
Groundsheet Options
Optional Extra
Inner Bedroom Tent
Optional Extra for annexe
Bedroom Annexe
Optional Standard or Tall
12 Months Guarantee
Draught Skirt
Wheel Arch Cover
Awning Pole Brackets
UniLoc Pads Included
Secure Strap System
Included in this package
Seasonal Rating
Suitable for Seasonal Pitching
Steel Screw Threaded Pegs 14pcs
Wheeled Bag for Traditional Awnings

Camptech Buckingham DL Ultimate 3 Metre Deep Seasonal Pitch All Weather Full Awning


The new Camptech Buckingham DL is quite simply the very best 3 metre seasonal caravan awning from Camptech. Designed from the ground up exclusively for seasonally sited caravan enthusiasts, with uncompromising build quality and unrivalled materials.  

Manufactured from exclusively developed Climatech SR21 extra heavy-duty high-quality material, the awning is exceptionally strong, durable and very easy to keep clean. Compare these awning materials with other manufacturers and really see and feel the difference. The awning fabric is UV-resistant and colour fast meaning your awning will always look good year after year.

The Buckingham DL has four front windows and four side windows (two on each side) made from ultra-high quality, crystal clear window materials for a perfect view and allow for a light and airy awning interior. Ventilation is provided by a central eve located adjustable air vent and a side ventilation panel underneath the window panel. All windows are fitted with easy-glide high-quality internal curtains with elegant tiebacks which add a real feel of quality to the accommodation. The ‘real’ curtains complement the awning fabrics' colour scheme in a neutral, modern design and provide privacy and shade as required.

Externally all the windows are fitted with full privacy blinds which can be zipped down when you are away from your awning to provide superb security as well as a high level of UV protection for anything. The external privacy blinds roll up and can be stored safely and securely under the beautifully curve-designed window canopies.

Extra high-quality YKK and new Techline Easy Glide Zips allow all four awning panels to be partially opened or completely removed with ease often with one hand. The internal heavy-duty, anti-corrosion 25mm steel frame also benefits from the exclusive Griplock double locking adjustable frame clamp system and unique Unilock bracket pads which together make fitting the awning and achieving the perfect pitch simple, quick and secure without damaging your expensive caravan investment.

Both side panels can be used as wide access entrance doors or rolled halfway down to produce a veranda effect. Optional veranda poles can be used to further enhance this feature. Furthermore, the side panels can be completely removed and replaced with an annexe (which can be added on either side or both) to increase storage space or used with an optional inner tent to increase your sleeping accommodation. Annexes are available in a standard or tall option with the tall annexe having its own entrance door on the end panel. Superb for larger families or for those unexpected guests!

The Camptech Buckingham DL also includes the ability to attach up to five Techline Storm Straps – one on each front corner, one on each rear corner and a central Techline Secure Plus strap located directly under the front eve of the awning. These straps provide unrivalled stability to your awning during those inclement weather conditions. Further optional extras can be used to enhance the strength and performance of your Atlantis DL should you experience exceptional camping conditions. These include Monsoon Roof Rafter poles, additional steel storm support legs, and pre-shaped Protech Roof Raisers if required.

The Buckingham DL awning package offers serious campers the ultimate seasonal awning with exclusive features, market-leading build quality and unrivalled materials. 3 metres deep for even more camping luxury.


Sizes: 875-1175cm A-Frame measurement (Size 10 to 21)
Depth: 300cm
Colour: Anthracite/Pale Grey
Weight: 54kg Approx. (Size 14 Canvas and Frame Combined)
Roof Material: Climatech SR21 Ultimate All Season Coated Polyester
Wall Materials: Climatech SR21 Ultimate All Season Coated Polyester
Framework: Heavy Duty 25mm Anti Corrosion Steel Griplock Frame
Frame Adjustment: Exclusive Griplock double-locking clamp system

Frame Variants:
Size 12-19  5 Roof Rafter Poles
Size 12-13  3 Front Upright Support Poles
Size 14-19  5 Front Upright Support Poles
Size 12-19  2 Roof Raiser Poles

Includes the following accessories as standard:

Full external Privacy Blind System
Secondary Flyscreen Mesh Panel On Both Sides
6x Wide Door Options
4 Windows in Each Panel
Techline Central Secure Bracket
Uniloc Adjustable Bracket Pad System
Techline Easy Glide Zips
Caravan Draught Skirt
Wheel Arch Cover (Suction Cap Type)
Heavy Duty Nylon Pegs and Peg bag
Adjustable Ladder Band Pegging
Heavy-Duty Awning Storage Bag
Heavy-Duty Pole Storage Bag

Optional Extras:
Techline Secure Storm Strap Kit
Techline Secure Plus Central Storm Strap
Standard Annexe
Tall Bedroom Annexe
Annexe Inner Tent (Standard)
Annexe Inner Tent (Tall)
Storm Legs
Monsoon Roof Rafter Poles
Protech Roof Raisers
Veranda Poles
Techline Central Secure Storm Strap System

Important notes:
Ensure you order the correct size awning for your caravan - if you are unsure, please contact us before you order as errors can be costly and can not always be corrected.

The Camptech Buckingham DL is a seasonal pitch all-season caravan awning and is designed to be pitched on seasonally sited caravans. The materials used on this product are superbly weatherproof, UV protected and very durable making them perfectly suitable for seasonal pitching - if you are unsure of the suitability of this awning for your requirements, please contact us before you order.

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Buckingham FAQ

Camptech Buckingham Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: What are some of the key features of the Camptech Buckingham DL 3m Luxury Caravan Awning?

Answer 1: Key features of the Camptech Buckingham DL 3m Luxury Caravan Awning include: Premium quality Climatech SR21 heavy duty, seasonally coated fabrics which a highly durable, extremely weatherproof, and UV resistant, large windows with crystal clear PVC panels, zip-out side and front panels, extra wide door access, and fully adjustable, heavy duty steel poles. Double locking pole clamps, easy fix pole bracket Unilock Pads, real internal awning curtains and heavy duty zip close external privacy blinds.

Question 2: What size is the Camptech Buckingham DL 3m Luxury Caravan Awning available in?

Answer 2: The Camptech Buckingham DL 3m Luxury Caravan Awning is available in size 10 to size 21 accommodating caravanas with an a-measurement of between 875-1175cm.
Use our awning finder to help you identify what size you need:

Question 3: How is the Camptech Buckingham DL 3m Luxury Caravan Awning attached to the caravan?

Answer 3: The Camptech Buckingham slides onto your caravan awning rail and is supported by a strong steel framework. Ensure you select the correct awning size for your caravan.

Question 4: What materials is the Camptech Buckingham DL 3m Luxury Caravan Awning made from?

Answer 4: The Camptech Buckingham DL is made from Climatech SR21 seasonal coated all season polyester fabrics with a strong steel framework

Question 5: Does the Camptech Buckingham DL 3m Luxury Caravan Awning come with any accessories or add-ons?

Answer 5: Everything you need to pitch your new Camptech Buckingham awning is includes. Standard accessories supplied include; pegs, ladderbands, pole bracket pads, curtains, awning storage bag, caravan draught skirt and wheel arch cover.

Question 6: How easy is it to set up and take down the Camptech Buckingham DL 3m Luxury Caravan Awning?

Answer 6: Full caravan awnings are now easier to pitch than ever. Allow yourself at least 20 minutes to unpack and slide the awning onto your caravan awning rail, taking care not to damage the awning fabric. Carefully follow the frame diagram to pitch the internal framework making sure you have all the fittings and corner pieces in the correct place. Take your time - it's not a race! Expect the process to take 45-90 minutes depending on your level of experience.

Question 7: Is the Camptech Buckingham DL 3m Luxury Caravan Awning waterproof and UV resistant?

Answer 7: Yes, the awning is both waterproof and UV resistant made from Camptech Climatech SR21 seasonally coated awning fabric.

Question 8: What is the warranty period for the Camptech Buckingham DL 3m Luxury Caravan Awning?

Answer 8: The awning comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty against defects and workmanship.

Question 9: Does the Camptech Buckingham DL 3m Luxury Caravan Awning require any special maintenance?

Answer 9: Just regular cleaning with warm water and a damp cloth, do not use any form of detergents as this will strip the waterproof coatings. Allow to dry fully before packing away. Every other season we recommend applying a good quality waterproofer like Fabsil. This will extend the life of the awning fabric, prevent colour fading and keep the product in tip top condition.

Question 10: What is the delivery time for the Camptech Buckingham DL 3m Luxury Caravan Awning?

Answer 10: All stock awnings from Awning Ace are delivered with 3 days, often much quicker. During busy periods delays can extend to 5 days, but we always keep our customers fully informed of the delivery and shipping dates.