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Buy the best full caravan awning 2023.

So, you’ve decided to buy a caravan awning for the new camping season. But what is the best full awning for you? Well, that depends. You need to ask yourself a simple question to determine what the best solution for your family would be.

So, what type of camping do we do? Touring or Seasonally Pitched?

Caravan awnings come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and configurations designed for make the best possible package at the most competitive price. Some full caravan awnings need to be manufactured to withstand long term pitching – caravan owners with a seasonal or permanent pitch will almost certainly need a full seasonal awning, designed to be pitched in February/March and taken down in September/October.

Touring caravan enthusiasts who pitch at different sites throughout the year are more  likely to choose an all season touring awning. Lighter in weight and easier to pitch than a seasonal awning, but with all the same features. These awnings are perfect for long weekends, annual summer breaks or for the kid’s school summer holidays. If you have a permanent or seasonal pitch, you’ll need a seasonal awning. If you prefer to tour, only take weeks away, or school summer holidays, then an all season touring awning is probably for you.

So, you're ready for the new camping season. But wait; how has your awning faired in storage during the winter months?

It's not uncommon for some form of awning maintenance to be required before pitching for the new camping season. Obviously, there are different types of caravan awnings which require different approaches. 

Dogs love camping too

Packing the car for a family camping trip must be the most stressful part of your holiday. How many times have you arrived on site only to find you’ve left an essential piece of camp gear at home? We’ve all done it, and we’ve all felt that sinking feeling of frustration. Many seasoned campers have checklists to follow or pack items with military efficiency often in a predefined order to ensure nothing is forgotten. For occasional campers, careful planning can save the day.

But what about the dog – no, I’m not suggesting you’ve forgotten to pack the dog, but I bet that’s happened to someone somewhere. I’m thinking more about the equipment and camping essentials needed for your canine family members. You’ve packed all your own gear, sorted the kids’ stuff, double checked the USB charging cables and spent half an hour looking for the car keys! One last thing, have you got everything you need for an easy camping trip with the dog?