Camptech Kensington Replacement Air Tube

(Inc. 20% VAT)

Genuine Camptech Replacement Air Tubes for Camptech Kensington Air Awning.

Made exclusively for the Camptech Kensington Air awnings, these air tubes come complete with outer sleeve ready to fit.
Tubes 01, 02, 03 and 04 are suitable for all Kensington Air awnings regardless of your awning size.

Tubes L (left) and R Right are specific to your awning and must be replaced according to your awning size for the perfect fit.

Replacement Q-link interconnecting valves and non-return air valves are also available from the drop down list above.

Simply select the replacement parts required.

The tube diagram is shown looking at the awning from the outside, towards your caravan.

  • Tube 01 -  Central Air Tube (Front Middle Upright and Centre Roof Tube)
  • Tube 02 - Left Side (Left Upright and Left Roof Tube)
  • Tube 03 - Right Side (Right Upright and Right Roof Tube)
  • Tube 04 - Roof Support Tube
  • Tube L - Left Side Front Apex Tube (Select correct length for your awning size)
  • Tube R - Right Side Front Apex Tube (Select correct length for your awning size)